What happened this weekend? Week 32

Friday night I was quite frankly so tired that I sat in the garden for a bit before dinner and enjoyed a beer. (Goose Island IPA). I actually fell asleep on the couch at about 9:30, so I figured I had better go to bed.


Catherine had some studying to do this weekend so we went easy on the big activities and outings. Instead I serviced my bicycle, it needed the brakes tightening up to remove a bit of travel in the levers. I also gave it a bit of a wipe down, to make it shiny after serving commuter duty this week.  In the afternoon, we went to the woods nearby as I had spotted some wild garlic growing, and we fancied picking some for cooking. Unfortunately it turns out wild garlic is in season in May (probably the last time I went for a long run in the woods), so we didn’t find any. Instead we spotted a ton of butterflies of which I tried to take pictures and failed dismally.

The only picture I got

We also chanced upon some elderberry bushes and it seems it’s the beginning of the season, as very few were ripe. But I pulled the Opinel out of my pocket (I’m outdoorsy like that) and we took a few of the ripest berries home.   Upon returning home we needed to sort the ripe berries from the unripe ones and the stems and leaves.    Now we just need to decide what to do with them before the rot. (I’m thinking wine, Catherine thinks jam or cordial).


A quiet day, we set about making something with the elderberries we gathered, cordial this time. We hope to gather more in autumn and make more exciting things then. I found a very simple recipe, though it turns out with the little handful of berries we gathered we made about a thimbleful of cordial. (I’m expecting it to be pretty sour (though it wasn’t)) The recipe is from  this link.
Sunday was wrapped up with a run of about 15km with Andrew (my Marathon partner in crime). Unfortunately his shoes aren’t up to scratch so we took it fairly easy (about 5:45/km average). After that we had pizza night and relaxed, to be ready for a new week of work, training, and other exciting stuff! 😉



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