What happened this week? Week 33

This week flew by! It was my second week at work, so training was ongoing and there was still a lot to absorb. I go “live” next week with real responsibilities so that should be exciting! 

On Tuesday we got the keys to our new apartment! So our evenings have mostly been taken up with packing up our current place. 

Thursday we were treated to an excellent Balinese meal by our good friends Matt & Helen as a thank you for looking after their cat when they were on holiday. (We also got presents, which are totally awesome).

Every day I moved one of my rides over to the new place, so Wednesday was the turn of the old city bike (lots of effort, took 45 minutes),  

The red ligts are there for jumping, they stay red too long.
 Thursday the race bike (same old – 30 mins) and today the motorbike (no effort, 15 mins). Unfortunately from my new place the motorbike isn’t worth taking as going by road takes longer than cycling through the shopping centre, and as a result, kitting up for the race bike isn’t worth it either. But I am allowed a tax-free new bicycle through work, so a fourth bike may soon be added to the household! (Because y’know, why not??). 

Moving day tomorrow! Very excited!


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