What happened this weekend? Week 33

Quite simply, we moved house! Picked up a van on Friday night, and headed to the old house to pack the last few boxes after doing more cleaning at the new place. 

Saturday morning we picked up a few things we had agreed to pick up for the new place and reconvened at midday with our fiends Matt & Helen at the old house to pack the van to the top.  Then it was off to the new place to empty the van. This happened twice. Lastly we had lunch, at about 5 o’clock before returning the van and going to the hardware store to pick up some essentials for lamps and electricals. 

The evening was spent unpacking and setting things up. Our favourite baker (Helen) made a cake for the occasion.  

She allegedly threw it together quickly. (I couldn’t make a cake like that if I had several days). I’ll include a link to her blog as soon as she’s updated it. I’ve already placed an order for my next cake (birthday in January). Andrew also bought along a delicious banana bread. 


We woke up ridiculously early for no reason. After breakfast we continued sorting things out (as it was too early to get busy with the hammer drill). Off to the shop at 11 to get light fixtures and then installing them. 

My buddy Tashi came along a little later and we headed to the local Decathlon to hook him up with a heart rate monitor (he’s the one I originally intended to run the Dam-tot-Dam with). Followed it up with a Thai curry cooked by Catherine. Absolutely delicious. 

For some reason we’ve ended up watching MTV’s Ex on the Beach tonight (Catherine has the remote). Suffice it to say that I’m judging the – ahem – protagonists, and my verdict is not positive. 


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