What happened this week? Week 34

It has been a quick week! At least it felt that way. Monday evening we threw in the towel and went to IKEA to pick a bed. The initial plan was to get something non-ikea, but sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room was getting a bit much, so we went for the quick fix. It was delivered the following evening at 11:30 (yes, it was late). 

Wednesday evening we had the pleasure of Andrews company. He came to drop off some energy gels he had ordered in exchange for some running shoes. (I cycled home after work on Wednesday looking like I had raided the shoe shop.  

And yes indeed Martin, the crate you brought to Holland for me has been given a new lease on life on my bike. (Soon to be transferred to another bike, but more on that in a couple weeks). 

To break them in, I wore my new running shoes to work on Thursday (my employer allows it, which is totally awesome). I got Adizero Feather Boosts, which in Andrews words, “are like second socks”.  

Sunday I’ll give them their maiden voyage as running shoes as Catherine and I go on a running date. 

Thursday I completed the building of the bed, but of course, we couldn’t sleep in it, as the mattress needs to regain its shape over 72 hours. :@ 

To cap the week off in style we went to Sail Amsterdam Friday evening to meet Matt & Helen for the firework display. Both Sail and the fireworks are very worth it! We will return Saturday afternoon with Tashi to check out the boats in more detail. (No pictures of the fireworks, as they never turn out well). 


Yes, all of those things sticking up are masts
This guy was very keen on the use of his foghorn
Not sure who this gentleman is, or why he’s in the picture, but Hello.

A quick drink at a bar by the harbour (frequented by French sailors, who had apparently decided to dress as stereotypically as possible, including stripey shirts, berets and pencil moustache…..honestly, all that was missing was a baguette and some garlic) and we headed home for some rest. 


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