What happened this week? Week 35.

The week started fairly calmly. Catherine and I ran a cool 5km together to prep her for a race in the next few months. We’ve set some targets for her to work towards which we think are realistic and achievable. 

Wednesday morning Catherine flew back to the UK, leaving me in charge. Wednesday night I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in 7 years. Pretty much the only person I’d vaguely kept in touch with from my one year of schooling in Paris. We had a good catch up at the Hannekes Boom in Amsterdam (a bar for which I am entirely not hipster enough). 

Thursday night I had the summer barbecue at work. Which surprisingly turned out to be great fun. I always thought work parties were rather cringey affairs where everyone is very self conscious, but it turns out my office likes a good party, as evidenced by them drinking the bar dry by 9pm when the party was due to carry on until late. (Cue much scrambling by the catering company). Despite my strongest affirmations that I do not dance I was proven wrong over a three hour period. 

Friday night I went back to Groningen for a goodbye party at my friend Sabines place. (Though I’m not sure what she’s saying goodbye to as she’s stuck in Groningen for the next four years to do a PhD, smartass). And crashed on my buddy Mike’s couch. It had been a long time since I slept in a sleeping bag, and it’s just reminded me how much I yearn for a camping trip! I’ll have to organise something sometime before it gets too cold (but is it ever too cold?….)

And that wraps it up. More on the weekend in the next post. 

    As an added bonus, we saw an amazing rainbow from our balcony this week! (Picture coming when I get more bandwidth). 


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