What happened this weekend? Week 35. 

Saturday I returned from Groningen in the late morning after a quick breakfast in town with Mike and his wife. 

After having a bite to eat I went out to meet Tashi for some clothes shopping. Didn’t buy much but was nice to be out. We grabbed a sub and headed to Craft & Draft on the Overtoom for some (you guessed it) craft, draft beers. I logged them all on Untappd (link coming soon). Returning home Andrew came over for a drink on the balcony where we discussed many topics including the relationship between happiness and the proximity of ones home to ones workplace as well as debated a few fundamentals of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and psychology. Yes, it got pretty high brow pretty quick. 

Sunday, after a much needed lie-in, I pottered about the flat doing some tidying after having had pasta and a fried egg for breakfast in preparation for a long run with Andrew.

We ended up running just shy of 24km. Both of our longest runs ever. In my case it felt good until about 20. We tested the energy gels too. I found them surprisingly tasty. I was using isogel High5, Andrew a mix of the same and SIS. 

We also conducted a bit of a social experiment. I noted that people don’t tend to smile much when running. So we wanted to check whether we could get a smile out of people. To do so, we offered a random sample of runners running the other way a hand in which to slap a high-five and an encouraging saying such as “lekker bezig” or “keep it up”. We didn’t segregate based on any physical attribute but for the sake of our own safety, did not cross the pathway when in proximity of bicycles. We can conclude therefore that the majority of runners are happy to “share the love” as it were, when prompted. So, for the sake of anyone out there, next time you run, smile, wave, offer a word of encouragement, or do all three and add in a high-five! Who knows, you might just make someone’s day!

I rounded the afternoon and evening off by getting groceries, and pottering about some more, and finally by watching “Valley Uprising” an interesting documentary on the birth of climbing in Yosemite. Interesting stuff!


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