What happened this week and weekend? Week 36.

It’s felt like a long week… August has gone, September has arrived and with it, seemingly, autumn. We’ve had a week of, quite frankly, appalling weather. Absolutely torrential rain and cool temperatures.


Very wet, as shown by this crow who refused to fly away no matter what.
Monday night I went to check out Monk Amsterdam. A bouldering (climbing) hall in Noord. I had a really good time, though having not climbed in over two years my skills were questionable. Still, I tackled a few grade 5s and up. Irritatingly, my fingers (and thus forearms) quickly ran out of gripping power, so I was reduced to swinging around like a monkey and not really climbing more than a metre off the floor (that, and my fingers were bleeding). I stayed about an hour and a half, headed home around 9 and snapped a picture of the Ij (the river that flows through Amsterdam). The intention is to recruit a few friends to join on a weekly/fortnightly basis.


Not all that great to get to, but the climbing and view is worth it.
Tuesday, I was reunited with Catherine who flew back from the UK, bringing with her chocolate.


Tasty choc!
Wednesday, I picked up my new bicycle! (I’ll take pictures). The evening was an Ikea night, where we went to pick out wardrobes, lamps and other important household items. Late evening I installed a couple of ceiling lamps and quickly went to bed.

Thursday, was an intense day at work for me, really quite busy, but I still mustered the courage to return to Ikea and buy about 200kgs worth of wardrobes. which we loaded into a van and quickly drove home. As luck would have it, it was match night, making it difficult to drive round our neighbourhood (we live near the football stadium), and we interrupted Andrew mid-game to come and help carry things up the stairs). After a quick unload, I dropped the van off and cycled home (in the rain…what’s new?).


Flatpack Fun!
Friday, was another busy day, but thankfully work wound down a little earlier so I could get home and play with my new tools (power drill) and assemble these wardrobes. I got one done on Friday night.

Saturday, was another crazy errand day, where the day seemed to fly by, though I got another wardrobe built, went to the supermarket twice, went to another shop to get kitchen implements (we never seem to have exactly the right gadget).

And finally, Sunday. An early rise for me gave me time to catch up on a bit of reading. Eventually we were ready and headed into town, where we picked up an oil lamp for our balcony (to make it cozy on autumn evenings). It’s one of those proper storm lamp jobs like you see in old films. We also checked out the Amsterdam City Swim, which Helen suggested we participate in (next year). I’m up for it, anyone else?

Later on, I scheduled a run with Andrew, though unfortunately about 7km in, his knee gave up. We walked a couple kilometres before deciding to stick our thumb out at passing cars (edit: Andrew stuck his thumb out, even walking was causing him pain at this point). Eventually, a very swish VW Golf R stopped and kindly gave us a lift to where we could catch a bus. (Passing note: if money were no object, that car is high on my list). Only problem: only one bus card between us. Eventually it was agreed that Andrew would catch a bus and that I would run home. In total, I got about 10km in. Which is good, but means I need to get another long run in this week. A good dinner and some banter later (obviously too much, Andrew forgot his phone, which I then brought to his house), and another week is gone!

Till next time,



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