What happened this week and weekend? Week 38.

The first half of the week was devoid of excessive excitement, with the exception of a quick run during lunch break on Tuesday (the perks of working for a sporting goods company, where this kind of behaviour is encouraged).

On Thursday Catherine had an early start again as work took her to Paris for the day. With the added benefit of a flight home in Business class, which got her very excited! Thursday night, I joined some French colleagues to watch the Eurobasket semi-final, France v Spain, which we lost at the last minute. 😦

Friday night I had the boys from Groningen over for a beer themed night, as a continuation of the beer nights we started whilst we were students. Mike and Arjen joined me after work for some beers, as well a Duvel-stew, and a Guinness cake (both courtesy of Catherine). After playing some cards against humanity (hilarity ensued), we headed into central Amsterdam for what appears to be my usual haunt, Craft & Draft, to sample delicious beers, as can be seen on our various untappd profiles. Here’s mine, Mike’s and Arjen’s. We met Matt there too, so his profile is getting fleshed out in inspiration for our next project.

Speaking of which, Saturday we went over to Matt’s place to…..brew beer (there’s a theme going on this week). Whilst it may only be a starter kit, it’s our first attempt and we cannot wait to bottle it, and give it a go. Unfortunately, these things take time, so we will have to make do with other beer for the next 8 weeks. Though we have set a bottling date for 10 days from now.

Here are a few pictures:

Brewmaster 1
Brewmaster 2
At this point, the wort is truly disgusting.

I have received an update that our beer has successfully begun fermenting!


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