Week 39!

A review of my post naming scheme as you can see!

So what has happened this week?

Monday night I cycled to IKEA in the rain to return some stuff we’d bought which was extra, somehow we had calculated we needed 8 baskets for our wardrobes, we needed 3…..

I had another quick run on Tuesday at lunch time, and was planning to repeat the feat on Thursday, but instead got volunteered for a yoga class a work. I thought, “why not?” and went for it. I kind of expected and both did not expect it to be a lot tougher than anticipated (it was). Also, I did not need reminding, but it turns out I’m not very nimble, so theres some work to do there.

Thursday night we went to view “Straight Outta Compton”, which we both liked very much. Some may find it surprising, but I like rap music quite a lot. This being said, Friday night we stayed in and watched the Disclosure gig at the Apply Music Festival, that looked pretty cool, and we’re looking forwards to them coming to Amsterdam, if and when they do.

Friday I also managed to hook up my iPad to the corporate network to access my OneNote notebooks (as I’m not yet of the grade to have a laptop). Anyone who’s ever tried to connect to locked down corporate network will agree this can be tedious.

Saturday morning we set to work in the apartment and finally sorted the guest room/study. It looks less like a dump now, so a few more hours work, and it’ll be fit for doing some actual work in. Saturday afternoon I went for a long run, which went  a lot better than the last long run I went for. Details here.

Sunday was a fresh, sunny day and we set about cooking and cleaning for the impending visit of Matt & Helen, who had not been over since the day we moved in. I went to the hardware store to buy some additional tools and timber for a DIY project to which Matt and I set to after a gorgeous vegetarian korma prepared by Catherine followed by heavenly sticky toffee pudding (one of my favourites).

Project (nearly complete), we settled down for some beers which M&H bought for us, both of which are on my untapped, and one of which was a “English breakfast beer”, with actual tea, white beans and marmalade in….


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