What happened this week? Week 40

It was supposed to be a quiet week at work, but that’s just another way of saying its a week of lots of meetings, and still needing to do desk work! No matter I’ve got interesting projects to work on, and I managed to get it all done.

Monday we got stuff done, so I’ll skip talking about that. With the exception that we were a little tired. In the night of Sunday to Monday we got up at 4:40 to see the “blood moon” or lunar eclipse, which coincided with the moon being closest to the earth for the next 33 years. Arjen told me about it on Whatsapp the evening before, and as I figured I wouldn’t get the chance again until I’m 58, I figured why not?


I used several cameras but this is the best I could do.
 Tuesday was another busy day, but it was also Tashi’s birthday. We arranged to see him after work, he brought a few craft beers along which we sampled. All very good choices, which can be seen on my untappd profile (see the link in last weeks post). 

After work Wednesday we went round to Matt and Helens for bottling of our beer! Obviously preceded by one of Helens excellent meals. Let’s let the pictures tell the story!

Before starting. Bottles sterilised.
Inspecting the contents of our vat.
Bottling gets under way.
Bottling continues and makes a mess of the floor.
Bottles need capping (officially its called racking).
We should give it a taste.
Hmmmm, interesting.
Matthijs agrees.

Overall it was a fun experience (which we will attempt again soon). We’re not sure whether our beer is 1.8% or 18%. But it smelled and tasted roughly like a beer. Time will tell. 6-8 weeks in the bottles for second fermentation. We’re very excited to taste the result!

Thursday night was another quiet one, as we were prepping for the weekend…

But what will we be doing that required preparation?

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