Sunday of week 7

On monday we had our final test for the Padi open water diver (still have the actual open water sessions to do mind you), but we both comfortably passed it…. I had 1 mistake. 😦

Catherine flew home Tuesday so I had the house to myself all week. I essentially did nothing other than eat, watch TV and sleep. Oh and go to the bar several times. But I’ve been pretty tired that last few weeks, so it was nice to recuperate. (Though this shouldn’t be interpreted as Catherine tires me out, no, no, no!)

Matthijs and I had planned to go for our second outdoor weekend this week, but the weather was truly dismal (so dismal that Catherine’s flight back is over an hour late as a result). We’ll get back to you on that one in March, as there’s no possibility before that.

I had a quiet weekend too. Read lots of economist articles (Thanks Tashi, for sending those our way). And then rather than bore you with the spcifics in writing, if you have 159 seconds to spare, you can see for yourself what I did Sunday below.

Of course, the soundtrack is intended to be ironic. Anyone who lives here will have figured that one out. 😉


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