Week….err 15. 

Catherine pointed out it had been a long time since I posted anything here. She’s right. I should rename this place “benjamindoesntrun”. Since the last post (which conveniently, was actually running related), I have not done much running at all.

So what have I done? Well, I was asking myself that.

Week 10 I went to France. To check in with mum and dad, and seize the opportunity for a bit of skiing. Cross-country this year. Links to those workouts are here and here.

 Went skiing with dad a bit too.


The following weekend we went to Leiden for Arjen and Nathalie’s house warming party. Followed by a lazy Sunday if memory serves me right.

Then along came Easter weekend. Starting with a wine tasting at Catherine’s work on the Thursday. Where we bought our first lot of wine in bulk, feeling very grown up in the process. I had the Friday off, Catherine did not, so I spent most of it catching up on administration and even logging on to do a bit of work. 😦 but I met Tashi for a cake and drink. Easter Saturday we went up to Groningen to see Mike and Marina and meet their little girl Norah. Easter Sunday we took as a day off and did almost nothing, we were both pretty tired. And in Easter Monday we caught a train to Hilversum, and walked to Laage Vuursche to eat a pancake. And then, rather than walk back the same way, we walked to Baarn and caught the train home from there. Relaxing walk through the woods and found some great MTB trails for if when I get a mountain bike.

The following weekend we had a visit from Catherine’s parents and her nephew, and we were all too happy to showcase the fun bits of amsterdam. (All within the law, we wouldn’t condone anything forbidden to minors).

I also picked up my motorbike from Matt and Helen’s where it had been hibernating.

On the Sunday I rode to the north. Eenrum, over the afsluitdijk as it was a nice day and Catherine had gone out with her family, to attend Mike and Marina’s farewell party, as sadly they will return to the US this month.

This brings us to last week. Matthijs came over for a spot of brewing on Wednesday. We will see how that turns out.

And on Saturday I went to Groningen one last time with Arjen, Mike and Arjen’s buddy Tjeerd for a beer festival. It was good fun, and the aftermath of that can be found on Untappd. Let’s just say I fell asleep on the train home and ended up rather further down the line that intended.

Sunday Catherine and I rode over to Naarden Vesting, an old fortified town to have a look around and a little walk. Very pleasant.

As a side note, Matt and I are praying for good weather next weekend…..

Have a good week.



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