Motorbike in pieces, the forest and more Two Twits.

It’s been another week. Week 15.

Since last week’s quick catch-up, things have been happening.

Tuesday involved some bouldering after work. Enough bouldering to pull skin clean off my fingers (as nasty as it sounds), especially as I was working on a tricky problem on the 5+/6a section. It involves a little run-up and grabbing on by finger tips. Good fun and on the list of climbs to conquer next time I go. The other nemeses being the ones with overhangs.

Wednesday afternoon involved a short 7km run from work at a brisk 5:20/km. Again, work really needs to start on this running malarkey once more.

Thursday evening I tried to get my motorbike into the storage unit downstairs. Thankfully I succeeded, but not without difficulty as the hallway is pretty tight. It involved a fair bit of shifting the bike over (by lifting it up). The reason for this is to give the bike a complete strip-down, clean, and service of essential (but neglected) work. Having been a student for the past two works with no garage, there are a few things which I may have skipped which it is high time I caught up on. So far I’m going to put a new set of brake lines on, as well as brake pads to really improve the braking system, as it’s overdue replacement. A few other things involve giving the exhausts a good polish, as they’re completely tarnished from all the road crud, and generally giving the whole thing a good, in-depth clean and check to se if anything else needs replacing or fixing. (I’ve found quite a few bolts and nuts that have rusted which could do withe replacing, and several bolts have seized and could do with some copper-slip).

Finally Saturday Matt and I decided that camping was on! So off to get some spare bits and pieces I went. But honestly, that deserves an entire post to itself.



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