We got up to a few things whilst I kept the radio silence. One of those things was vising Giethoorn, the “Venice of the North”. Which is a small town in the northern Netherlands with no roads, instead it is criss-crossed with little canals.

Mum was visiting and so we drove up north one Saturday morning, arriving in time for lunch. Then, we ambled over to the boat we had reserved for the afternoon and quietly zoomed away from the pontoon (it was electric). We had a whole four hours, so we really could take our time and have a good look around.

We went through the village itself, which was pretty crowded, but there were fewer and fewer boats the further we got away from the village, and out onto the lakes, as most people booked for 1-2 hours, rather than a whole afternoon. There were all sorts up there, from sporty people in kayaks, to those using Canadian-style open canoes, to those who, like us, were a bit lazy and just fancied motor-ing about, and a few people on a loud party boat, complete with bbq.

The village itself was a plethora of typical dutch-style houses, all complete with thatched roof, which Catherine really likes and has on her list of requirements for our “someday house”.

There were of course a lot of bridges for pedestrians and cyclists to get around. Some where lower (a lot lower!) than others. Of course I wasn’t the only captain on board, and we all took a turn at steering. We mostly steered clear of the banks and reed beds. 🙂

Leaving the village behind there were fields with various livestock in them, mostly cows. I was experimenting with the new camera we got, and managed to snap this picture of a cow. Have a close look, because once you see it, you cannot un-see it!

We took turns in putting our feet in the water, and Catherine may or may not have had a nap….

There was a lot of wildlife, most of it of the flying variety (think birds, ducks, geese, swans). We chanced across this bank of swans, with mummy-swan giving me dirty looks for doubling back to have another look.

This duck took a liking to us and followed us for a good 15 minutes, and decided to bring his mates.

I also tried my hand at some photography, and we cozied up to a bank of water lillies for me to have a go with the macro settings.

We would all recommend adding Giethoorn to your list of places to visit, best plan the whole day though! We drove home in the evening and topped the whole lot off with a tasty meal, wine and a dash of spirits. Needless to say we all slept pretty well.



Overnighting at Kaapweg, the video edit

It has finally occured to me (after 5 months, admittedly) that I still have this blog. And that I actually made a video of Matt and I’s stay in the forest back in April. It’s a bit long, and not my most exciting work. But for anyone who needs to kill off a few (ok, many) minutes on a Tuesday, here is one way to do it.

Hopefully, it inspires you to go out too. If not, I hope it at least makes you laugh (at us rather than with us works too). If it doesn’t move you at all you’re probably miserable and I wouldn’t want to meet you anyway.

I’m working on some stuff that’s months behind. E.g. Viking run, which happened in May. And then I went quiet all through summer, though other than a week in France, I was work for most of it.

But things are going well, we have a car now, so we’re travelling around a little more, and the launch of the new GoPro drone has gotten me excited. (I very much doubt I’ll get one, but it reminded me I have a camera in the cupboard that needs using!). I promise to get better at editing video into something someone might actually want to watch. Hopefully if/when you see the results, you’ll agree!