Overnighting at Kaapweg, the video edit

It has finally occured to me (after 5 months, admittedly) that I still have this blog. And that I actually made a video of Matt and I’s stay in the forest back in April. It’s a bit long, and not my most exciting work. But for anyone who needs to kill off a few (ok, many) minutes on a Tuesday, here is one way to do it.

Hopefully, it inspires you to go out too. If not, I hope it at least makes you laugh (at us rather than with us works too). If it doesn’t move you at all you’re probably miserable and I wouldn’t want to meet you anyway.

I’m working on some stuff that’s months behind. E.g. Viking run, which happened in May. And then I went quiet all through summer, though other than a week in France, I was work for most of it.

But things are going well, we have a car now, so we’re travelling around a little more, and the launch of the new GoPro drone has gotten me excited. (I very much doubt I’ll get one, but it reminded me I have a camera in the cupboard that needs using!). I promise to get better at editing video into something someone might actually want to watch. Hopefully if/when you see the results, you’ll agree!




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