The Gear

There are a few key bits of kit I use when out and about. I’ll update this page as I go along and add or retire bits of kit. 

Polar M400 

I use this watch for all my sports outings and as my daily activity tracker. It’s a bit bulky as a daily watch, but I think its lines are better suited to wear at the office (admittedly, a very relaxed office) than some offerings by Garmin, as they look like full-on wrist computers. 

  Polar H7 

Along with the M400 I have a H7 heart rate strap. I got it about a year before the watch for use with my phone over Bluetooth LE. It dual transmits over BLE and Polar’s own analogue channel. Unfortunately the M400 does not pick up the analogue channel and is therefore pretty much useless during swimming activities. (The GPS also doesn’t work particularly well under water, so this is definitely not a swimming watch). 

Bulls Vulture 1

I was doubtful whether I wanted to get into road cycling. So I hesitated in getting a bike. That doubt stopped me buying a new road bike (I was considering a Cube Peloton). So I found this Bulls on marktplaats, the Dutch Craigslist/Gumtree/LeBonCoin. It came with clip-in pedals and a basic trip-meter. 

I’ve now removed the trip meter (as I use my watch), and gotten clip in shoes and a few cycling clothes. I roll with a Bell helmet I’ve carried over from my mountain bike.  

These are the main bits, I’ll add more as I think of them. 


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